3/25/10 Just Plain Lazy

I have no excuse for not riding much this week. I think I am just plain lazy. Don’t give up on me I will be back.

          Thanks, Rick


3/24/10 Still Not Riding

Cold, Damp, Sore back. Yes I will get back to riding soon. Thanks to all of you who are bearing with me.

                                                                                      Thanks, Rick

3/23/10 Still No Ride, Rain

Maybe riding soon. First it was the bug, now the weather. Tomorrow?  Wish me luck. See you all soon.

                                                                                                       Thanks, Rick

3/22/10 Back On The Trail Tomorrow

I think I am finally ready to get back to riding. Keep an eye open for new, fun, and hopefully exciting posts.

                                    See you soon, Rick

3/21/10 Lazy Day

I’m sorry I missed you all yesterday. After work we went to a party at some wonderful friends for my wife’s birthday. We got home late and I just forgot to post. Today has been a lazy day. We watched the Twilight New Moon movie this morning(well done movie!!!). We are going to try to get some work done this afternoon and maybe take a short ride. I am going to try to get back to normal riding next week and will be reporting as usual. Hope this finds everyone doing well.

                                                  Have a great day, Rick

3/19/10 Very Windy Day

Hello everyone out there. I hope this finds you all well and in good spirits. Sometimes I think of all the unusual things going on in this world and start to feel down. Then I remember that I woke up this morning, I was relatively healthy, I was in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and I have a great family. We are all very lucky to have what we do and live where we are. If I lost everything and had to start over again tomorrow I would still feel blessed. Even in our troubled times this is still the land of opportunity and the greatest country in the world. Thanks for permitting me to state my opinion. Feel free to leave yours if you like. I hope to have more biking posts for you next week.

                                                                                 Good Luck and May The Good Lord Take A Likin’ To You, Rick

3/18/10 Quiet Day

It was a beautiful Arizona day today. I hope the biking weather holds until I am ready to ride again next week. I think I may finally shake this bug. I feel good overall except for this annoying cough and sinus yuck. Don’t forget me while I am off the riding. I will have more good stories soon.

                                                                                         Thanks for visiting, Rick